Dog Lover Winter Tips!

One of the most overlooked parts of winter dog care is your dog’s paws. The padding on a dog’s paws can get very damaged and this is especially so during the winter months. Proper paw care can help avoid bacterial and fungal infections. Short haired dogs usually need doggie booties and even some long haired breeds could benefit from them. Purchasing a set of properly fitting booties that offer protection against the cold pavement and that are water resistant are crucial to protecting your dog’s paws during the winter months. I highly recommend brands such as Muttluks or Ruffwear for doggy booties. If your dog has long and/or thick fur, then they may not need booties to protect them from freezing temperatures. However, road salt takes a toll on our dogs’ paws. A great product that offers some protection is Musher’s Secret Pet Paw Protector Wax. Musher’s wax allows your dog’s paws to breath while helping to protect them from moisture and road salt. Even if your dog wears booties or you use a wax for protection, you should always properly clean and dry your dog’s paws when they come in from a walk. Now if you really want to pamper your pet, you may want to use a paw conditioner to help soothe and heal your pet’s pads. A conditioner that works really well and that may be used all year round is Tender Paw for Dogs.

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