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Dog Lover Tips: Beware Hunting Season Has Begun!

Dog lovers beware, December is deer hunting season throughout New England. In Weston, Massachusetts it is Bow season until December 21st.  Hunters sometimes stray from designated hunting areas and people walking their dogs often stumble into designated hunting areas.  Always wear bright orange or other bright colors such as yellow.  Especially during rifle season, which follows after bow season.  Rifle season is the most dangerous time to be out walking off the beaten path.  Hunters may shoot at game over 150 yards away.  That game could be you or your dog!  Take this warning seriously. Be cautious and stay on designated trails.  Do not wear browns, tans, or blacks. You may laugh at this warning, but people and/or their pets get accidentally shot all the time.  In 2011, there were five accidental shootings relative to deer hunting in Massachusetts on opening day alone.

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