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Dog Lover Tips of the Day! Halloween and Your Dog

Halloween & Your Dog

It is not just the candy that you have to worry about when it comes to your pets.

Here are some simple suggestions:

  1. Walk your dog before the trick-or-treaters start to visit because the children wearing costumes may easily frighten dogs.
  2. Keep your dog in a safe place so that they cannot run out the front door.  The continuous opening and closing of the front door can be an opportunity for your pet to take off.
  3. If you have a puppy, keep decorations out of their reach.  If you have a lit pumpkin, ensure that it is in a secure location and that your dog cannot jump up and knock it over.
  4. Make sure that if you purchase a costume for your pet, it does not have any dangling pieces or buttons as they can be choking hazard.  While costumes may fun for you, they should not impair your pets’ movement, hearing, breathing or ability to eat and drink.
  5. Halloween can be a night of mischief.  So it is probably not a good idea to let your pet out in the back yard unattended.  Even if you have an invisible fence, your pet may be frightened and could run through it. Image
  6. Lastly, it’s not a great idea to bring your dog trick-or-treating.  Even a well-trained dog may become difficult to handle if he or she is frightened.  It is much safer to leave the pups at home on Halloween.

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Dog Lover Tip of the Day! – The Dangers of Halloween Candy

Halloween Candy & Dogs

We all love Halloween candy, but be careful not to leave it in reach of your furry friends.   The sweet smell will tempt any pup when left alone with a bowl full of candy.  While not all candy is poisonous to dogs, even the “good stuff” usually consists of mostly sugar, which can cause pancreatitis in dogs.

Chocolate is in a significant amount of Halloween candy and it is dangerously poisonous to dogs even in small amounts.  Please do NOT give your dog any chocolate.  Raisins are also toxic to dogs and can cause kidney failure.  Be careful of trail mixes because a number of them contain raisins.

Watch out for wrappers!  They often end up left behind in the bowl and still smell delicious to our dogs.  While they may be just empty wrappers, these cellophanes and foils can be as dangerous as the candy.  Foil and cellophane can cause life-threatening bowel obstructions, which may require surgery.