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Dog Lover Safety Tip: The Danger of “Tennis Balls”

Every year thousands of dogs around the world die from playing with tennis balls.  If you have a large dog with a sizable jaw, then a tennis ball is not a safe for them to play with.  There are at two very common ways that a tennis ball can kill your dog.  The first and most common way is when a tennis ball becomes logged in a dog’s throat and blocks his or her airway causing suffocation.  The second way is when a dog swallows a tennis ball and a blockage and/or obstruction is created in the dog’s intestines.  Tennis balls are probably one of the top five most dangerous toys for large dogs to play with.  Google “tennis ball and dog” and you will see thousands of articles pop up about this very common and serious problem.  Keep in mind that these individual deaths are just the ones that have actually been reported and written about.  I personally know two families who lost their beloved Labrador Retrievers due to a simple game of fetch with a tennis ball.  In fact, Oprah Winfrey’s Golden Retriever died the very same way.  Oprah televised the incident and warned other dog owners not to use tennis balls or plastic balls of a similar size to play fetch with their dog.  Unfortunately, I still see far too many people give their large breed dogs tennis balls.

A good alternative to a tennis ball is a toy known as a “Kong” or other similar toys that are made from galvanized rubber.  These types of toys are too large to be swallowed and cannot get stuck in your dog’s throat.  The original “Kong” comes in several sizes and has a large hole in the center so your dog can still breath while carrying the toy in it’s mouth.   The company also makes a number of other “Kong” products that are safe and fairly difficult to destroy.   When you are buying your dog a toy, always think about their safety first.

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Dog Lover Tips – Doggy Dental Hygiene

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  • Your dog should have regular dental exams and cleanings by your Vet.
  • If you have a puppy, include brushing in his/her training. However, dogs in their teens and even some senior dogs may be agreeable to having their teeth brushed.
  • Brush slowly and gently.  Each day start by putting a little toothpaste on their toothbrush and let your dog lick it off.  Then try touching the toothbrush to your dog’s teeth.  Brush for a few seconds.  Take a few weeks to introduce your dog to this new habit.  When your dog is ready for a real brushing, lift their lips to expose the teeth and gums and brush from the gum line to the tip of the tooth.  Try to avoid opening your dog’s mouth because it can make them nervous and resistant.  Dental problems are often found in the back, upper and lower teeth so be sure to brush the outside of the big teeth in the back of your dog’s mouth.
  • It is important to use toothpaste that is made for dogs. Toothpastes made for humans contain various fluorides and detergents that are meant to be spit out as we brush.  Since your dog will swallow the toothpaste, they make special pet toothpaste to allow for this. Pet toothpaste comes in a variety of flavors, including chicken, beef, peanut and vanilla-mint.
  • Buy a toothbrush that is meant for dogs.  The heads are smaller and the bristles are usually much softer than the kind sold for humans.  A finger brush that slips over your finger like a thimble may also be used.
  • Dental ropes and various chew toys are great to help your dog’s teeth stay clean.
  • Finally, before and after brushing, praise, pet and play with your dog. Always use positive reinforcement.
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